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LOW RATES(¢/min)
Canada 1.0¢
China & Cell 1.0¢
Germany 1.0¢
Hong Kong 0.8¢
India Bangalore 5.6¢
Indonesia Jakarta 1.7¢
Malaysia 1.3¢
Singapore 0.9¢
Taiwan 1.0¢
Thailand 4.2¢
US 1.0¢
Argentina 1.8¢
Bolivia 0.9¢
Brazil Rio 1.9¢
Canada 1.1¢
Chile 1.7¢
China & Cell 1.5¢
Colombia 0.8¢
Hong Kong & Cell 1.3¢
Peru 0.6¢
Russia Moscow 0.9¢
Taiwan 2.4¢
United Kingdom 1.3¢
US 1.0¢
Albania 6.3¢
Andorra 4.8¢
China & Cell 1.0¢
Dominican Republic 2.0¢
Macao 4.5¢
Mexico City 0.8¢
Panama City 1.3¢
Puerto Rico 0.9¢
South Africa 3.6¢
Zimbabwe 4.8¢

*Super Low rates to US and Worldwide
*Call can be initiated from US, Hawaii and Canada with available 2000 local access numbers
*Rechargeable, Three(3) min rounding, No connection fee, A pin maintenance fee about 12% of total usage may apply
*Custom Pin available
*No switching long distance company
*Available for office, home and cellular
*Account expired 180 days after your LAST usage, or it can be extended as per your request
*Local toll free access 1-866-460-5719 works everywhere from US, charges addtnl one(1) cent per min within our local access areas, elsewhere charges additional 2.5 cents per min
*Back up toll free 1-888-800-0794, works everywhere in US subject to higher rates
*Canada Toll Free 1-866-448-1580, for using in Canada only and at higher rates
*China & China Cell 1.25¢, Hong Kong 1.1¢, Taiwan 1.62¢, US and Canada 0.9¢

1. Minimum $25
2. Once we receive your payment and the phone number(s) you like to make log-distance calls from, your phone(s) would be REGISTERED(WORKING) whthin 24 hours.NO REGISTRATION ON WEEKENDS
3. Account expires 180 days after you LAST usage. As long as you use your account once every 180 days to keep it active and your account will last as long as you want it to
4. Up to three different numbers can be registered in same account which you can change whenever you want, and it is not necessary in same State(Area). Please email the numbers indicating for home, office or cell Please email us the numbers indicating for home, office or cellualr while you place your order
5. Calls to international mobile numbers are billed at a higher rate unless it is stated
6. Resident and business available in 30 States. Cellular available with your current cellualr provider in 48 States
7. Callers using AniTel System may accrue domestic toll or roaming charges or deplete nationwide monthly package as determined by your local carrier or your mobile provider. AniTel System is not responsible for these charges
8. Rrechargable within one to 24 hours once we have your payment and registered numbers NO RECHARGE ON WEEKENDS
9. This feature allows you to save the step of entering your PIN when using the phones you make long distnace calls from most. When you dial our toll-free or local access number from the registered phones, your account will be verified by our system automatically without your having to enter your PIN
10.AniTel works whether you use our local or toll-free access numbers
11.Please check to locate a local access number from your area before buying this porduct and confirm with your phone carrier that the local-access number is a free call for you
12.Since the phone card is a local access card, the company is not responsible for any local charges incurred from local regional carrier of the customer.
13.You just need to dial your pin number when using AniTel in public phone(Pay phone) or any non-registered phone
14.About 79¢ may charge when used for payphone or any phone call from hotel, school or dormitory.

*Pins are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable
*Rates and fees are subject to change without notice
*All sales are final

Dial Instructions:
1. Dial 1-866-460-5719 or find local access
2. Once you hear the message in English, enter *1 for Hebrew, *2 for Spanish, *3 for Chinese, *4 for French
3. When prompted, dail your destination number
To call within the United States and Canada: 1+ + area code + tele no.
To call all other countries: 011 + country code + city code + tele no. + "#"

If you have any questions, please email us at support@allwaycalling.com

Product Code: ANI-25HP

Our Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $22.00

Local Access Number:
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