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LOW RATES(¢/min)
Canada 1.0¢
China & Cell 1.0¢
Germany 1.0¢
Hong Kong 0.8¢
India Bangalore 5.6¢
Indonesia Jakarta 1.7¢
Malaysia 1.3¢
Singapore 0.9¢
Taiwan 1.0¢
Thailand 4.2¢
US 1.0¢
Argentina 1.8¢
Bolivia 0.9¢
Brazil Rio 1.9¢
Canada 1.1¢
Chile 1.7¢
China & Cell 1.5¢
Colombia 0.8¢
Hong Kong & Cell 1.3¢
Peru 0.6¢
Russia Moscow 0.9¢
Taiwan 2.4¢
United Kingdom 1.3¢
US 1.0¢
Albania 6.3¢
Andorra 4.8¢
China & Cell 1.0¢
Dominican Republic 2.0¢
Macao 4.5¢
Mexico City 0.8¢
Panama City 1.3¢
Puerto Rico 0.9¢
South Africa 3.6¢
Zimbabwe 4.8¢

*Super Low rates to US and Worldwide, with 2000 local access numbers in US and Canada
*Call placed from Canada, Hawaii to Worldwide has the Same Minutes as the call originated from US
*Call can be placed from below countries to Worldwide at higher rate:
Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, UK
*One(1) min rounding, No conncetion fee,No maintenance fee
*Local toll free access 1-866-460-5719 works everywhere from US, charges addtnl one(1) cent per min within our local access areas, elsewhere charges additional 2.5 cents per min
*Back up toll free 1-888-800-0794, works everywhere in US subject to higher rates
*Canada Toll Free 1-866-448-1580, for using in Canada only and at higher rates
*Canada 1.17¢, China & Cell 1.6¢, Denmark 1.8¢, Guam 1.3¢, Hong Kong 2.2¢, Japan 2.7¢, Macao 5.6¢, Taiwan 1.9¢, Taiwan Cell 10.33¢, US 1.9¢, Alaska & Hawaii 1.2¢

*Please check to locate a local access number from your area before buying this porduct and confirm with your phone carrier that the local-access number is a free call for you.
*Since the phone card is a local access card, the company is not responsible for any local charges incurred from local regional carrier of the customer
*Card expired 180 days after first usage
*Both local (available in 30 States) and Toll-Free access
*International cellular phone may be at higher rate unless it stated
*About 79¢ may charge when used for payphone or any phone call from hotel, school or dormitory.

*Pins are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
*Rates and fees are subject to change without notice
*All sales are final

Dial Instruction:
1, Dial 1-866-460-5719 or Local Access
2, For local access, once you hear the message in English, enter *1 for Hebrew, *2 for Spanish, *3 for Mandarin, *4 for French
For toll free access in US, once you hear the message in English, enter *7 for Mandarin
3, Enter your pin number
4, Dial destination number
To call within the United States and Canada: 1+ + area code + tele no.
To call all other countries: 011 + country code + city code + tele no. + "#"
5. To place another call, do not hang up. Press#, wait for instruction.
Busy tone, mis-dialed the number, Press #, wait for instruction.
For all international calls, after destination number, add #

Directly from your telephone
1.Dial the local access or toll free number from the phone (number) you want to set up for PIN FREE
2.Enter Pin number and hear the prompt of amount
3.Enter # 15 ##(This will automatically assign your phone(number) to this Pin number)
Next time, all of your calls from this phone will no longer need to enter pin number

Directly from your telephone
1.Dial the local access or toll free number from the phone (number)
2.Enter Pin number and hear the prompt of no sufficient amount
3.Enter # 16 ## to remove the FINISHED pin(This will automatically remove your FINISHED Pin number from this phone (number)
Get a new card, follow the setup instructions to assign the new pin for PIN FREE dialing

Australia 1800007958
Belgium 80079419
Southern China 10800-1300-688
Northern China 10800-713-0711
Denmark 80881529
Dominican Republic 18887518202
France 800908680
Germany 8001807605
Greece 80018092016434
Hong Kong 800967444
India 8001003022
Ireland 1800487203
Israel 809898660
Israel 1809456887
Israel 18009421316
Israel 97239074398
Italy 800786401
Korea South (1800) 340-2892
Korea South (30) 813-1909
Netherlands 8000226076
New Zealand 800443593
Norway 80014717
Poland 8001113530
Switzerland 800562683
United Kingdom 8000323646

If you have any questions, please email us at support@allwaycalling. Com

Product Code: H2-20

Our Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $19.00

Local Access Number:
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