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LOW RATES(¢/min)
Canada 1.0¢
China & Cell 1.0¢
Germany 1.0¢
Hong Kong 0.8¢
India Bangalore 5.6¢
Indonesia Jakarta 1.7¢
Malaysia 1.3¢
Singapore 0.9¢
Taiwan 1.0¢
Thailand 4.2¢
US 1.0¢
Argentina 1.8¢
Bolivia 0.9¢
Brazil Rio 1.9¢
Canada 1.1¢
Chile 1.7¢
China & Cell 1.5¢
Colombia 0.8¢
Hong Kong & Cell 1.3¢
Peru 0.6¢
Russia Moscow 0.9¢
Taiwan 2.4¢
United Kingdom 1.3¢
US 1.0¢
Albania 6.3¢
Andorra 4.8¢
China & Cell 1.0¢
Dominican Republic 2.0¢
Macao 4.5¢
Mexico City 0.8¢
Panama City 1.3¢
Puerto Rico 0.9¢
South Africa 3.6¢
Zimbabwe 4.8¢

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your business with us. Any questions, concerns, suggestion or comments other than below ¡°FAQ¡± list, or WHOLESALE, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact us by following email or toll free.

Toll Free: 1-888-257-6176

1. What makes our Phone Card different from others?

Unlike other companies which sell a lot of different type Phone Card, we offer only a few quality, lower price Phone Card. So our customers can easily choose what they want.

2. Is it safe that using credit card order Phone Card through Allwaycalling.com web site?

Yes, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology through Paypal.com to handle your order. we encrypt your order information prior to transmission over the Internet so it cannot be read in transit. Your credit card numbers are not collected or saved by Allwaycalling.com.

3. What is PayPal?

PayPal is the worlds #1 on line payment service with security system. There is no obligation or fees, just an easy way for you to send and receive money on line(with a email address). We encourage you to carefully review PayPal's Data Security and Encryption, Privacy Policy if you have further questions.

4. How can I pay by credit card through PayPal?

You just follow the order instructions on our website, or click on link(PayPal.com) to sign up with PayPal for easier and quicker payment process to future orders. For the first time only, you need to sign up to have a account with PayPal which it takes less than 5 minutes. And it is free.

5. Can I order by phone?

Yes. Please call 1-888-257-6176.

6. What is Allwaycalling.com Returen Policy?

Once the PIN number is delivered to the customer via e-mail, by phone, or by fax, the sale is final. If you have a problem with a card access number, experience quality problems or unable to use your phone card, please e-mail us at support@allwaycalling.com with your order no, pin#, name of the card, the date of purchasing, and your phone number, and we'll make every attempt to ensure your satisfaction.

7. What is a connection fee?

A connection fees is charged on each call made and is collected by reducing the number of minutes left on a Phone Card. Please check detail information on our website for the cards you are interested in.

8. What if I forget my PIN#?

Send us a message by email at "support@allwaycalling.com". Please provide your name, your e-mail address, your phone number, purchase date and time. We will resend your PIN# along with instruction if your information matches our record. You should make every reasonable effort to safeguard your Phone Card PIN from unauthorized users. Allwaycalling.com is not responsible for lost or stolen PIN.

9. Tips
a.In case of an emergency call.
Always have one extra card in hand which is a different routing from the one you are using more frequently. The following info give you a idea about the routing of our phone cards.
Routing A:Happy, Happy 2, Happy Asia, Te Amo, ANI-25HP, ANI-25HP2, Harmony,
Hello Vietnam, and China 888
Routing B: ANI-25HW
Routing C:QQ card and ANI-25

b. What should I do if I hear a long silence?
On occasion, this happens when the system is very busy routing calls. Wait no more than 30 seconds if there is silence after you dial the destination number. If you wait more than 30 seconds, we may not be able to refund your lost minute.

c. What if get a busy signal?

When there is a high volume of calls (such as during holidays), there is the possibility of a busy signal. You may want to try your call at a different time.

d. What if I my pin number is rejected as invalid?

You should double check that you are dialing the correct pin number, or correct access number for the cards you order, wrong local access or toll free access number for wrong card would cause invalid pin. If so, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

10. Order By Check

We accept personal check in addition to credit card. If you like to order by check, please follow the instructions below.

FOR THE FIRST ORDER ONLY, check made out to JANDEE INTERNATIONAL LLC with a note about your email, your phone number, the name and the amount of the phone card you order. Send it BY MAIL to

P.O.BOX 191196
Brooklyn,NY 11219-1196

We will email you PIN number or by phone once we receive your check by mail.

Once we have your check information on file, it would be very easy for you to order next time. Either email or by phone you can give us the sequence number of the check(on top right of the check),the amount, the name and the quantity of the card you order, you would get your pin right away WITHOUT SENDING AGAIN UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOUR BANK INFORMATION.

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